• Both Sides of the Sky

    Both Sides of the Sky Jimi Hendrix Legacy Recordings   What may even be more mind-blowing than the fact that there is a new Jimi Hendrix record out nearly a half-century since

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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird Dir. Greta Gerwig Universal Pictures   With all of the wonderful attention being given to female artists and storytellers these days, one female coming-of-age story that

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  • God of War

    God of War Dev. SIE Santa Monica Studio Pub. Sony Interactive Entertainment Release Date: April 20 Available On: PlayStation 4   The God of War series began back in 2005

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  • Eyes of Blue Light – Necropanther

    Eyes of Blue Light Necropanther Self-released   Local death metal band Necropanther has just released another heavy album, Eyes of Blue Light. Its self-aware-yet-serious brand of

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  • Onion

      Onion Shannon & The Clams Easy Eye Sound   Shannon & The Clams is hurtling toward a decade together as a band, however the music that it creates sounds just as

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  • Sea of Thieves

    Sea of Thieves Dev. Rare Pub. Microsoft Studios Release Date: March 20 Available On: Xbox One and PC   Fantasy and science fiction are prevalent throughout video games, but

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