• Cast in Stone

    Throughout the six seasons of Weeds, the characters have only gotten wilder. Aside from the leading roles, the supporting members, too, have played their part in Nancy Botwin’s rollercoaster of a

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  • Throughout the Seasons

    Nancy Botwin has learned a lot of things and we’ve all come along to enjoy the ride. The Showtime series will kick up again this month, but if you’ve been missing out on some Weeds here’s a

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  • Let’s Pretend

    We’ve all got our favorite strains, our most popular hybrid, medicine that’s just perfect for us. But, through the magic of movies, television and fiction, there are also forms of marijuana

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  • Men on the Run

    Nancy Botwin is no stranger to being on the lam. Being a marijuana dealer sort of gets the DEA to want to hunt you down. That being said, it’s time we give it up for those who kept one step ahead

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  • WTF DOJ?!?!

    ACLU questions Obama and the Justice Department on their medical marijuana flip-flop By David Jenison   At the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner, comedian Seth Meyers joked that

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  • Show Them the Money

    SB 626 would study how to tax your medicine every step of the way—from grower to patient By Kevin Longrie   The state of California is set to decide on SB 626, a proposal that would

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  • Cops and Crops

    A new law proposes to decriminalize cultivation and keep growers out of prison By Kevin Longrie   Those convicted of illegal marijuana cultivation here in California, take heart. There’s

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  • Busting the Myth

    A police report dispels the propaganda about dispensaries By Kevin Longrie All across the country, law enforcement agencies make the same claim: dispensaries are magnets for crime. But is that

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