• Vaped Crusaders

    These herbal heroes are here to fight for truth, justice and the cann-American way Who doesn’t love a superhero? The phenomenal success of movies adapted from iconic comic book heroes (X-Men,

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  • Harsh Realms

    NORML ranked the five worst states to be caught green-handed in By David Jenison   A few months ago, Oklahoma lost one of its more popular online food shops, but it wasn’t a tornado that

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  • Special Delivery

    A study of pregnant Jamaican mothers shows that ganja doesn’t harm newborns By Janelle Stone   It’s almost too taboo to discuss: pregnant women smoking marijuana. It’s a dirty little

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  • Cops and Crops

    A new law proposes to decriminalize cultivation and keep growers out of prison By Kevin Longrie   Those convicted of illegal marijuana cultivation here in California, take heart. There’s

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  • Seeing Stars

    We’ve noticed sort of a trend lately: celebrity budtending. High-profile folks like Cypress Hill miscreants B-Real and Sen Dog, adult film star Brianna Banks and Wiz Khalifa have been among the

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  • Contact Sport

    We here at CULTURE realize that to many of our readers, no competitive game works better with a nice bowl of Grape Ape than a few thumb-numbing hours spent curled up to L.A. Noire or Call of Duty.

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  • Mama Tried

    In many ways, Nancy Botwin embodies the perfect suburban mom . . . if by “perfect” you mean a mother who’s also knee-deep in the marijuana industry (legal and illegal). As a tribute to moms

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