• Skullphone’s Dot Matrix Revolutions

    Guerilla artist talks about his latest project and the importance of being high By Stacy Davies Over Easter weekend 2008, the street artist known as Skullphone enacted a corporate coup: on a half

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  • Heretic, Zealot, Truth-Teller

    NORML’s executive director recalls his long, stormy friendship with Jack Herer By James Lang Speaking by phone from his office in Washington, D.C., NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre

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  • 420 Around the World

    By Anna Lambias Held every April 20, 420 Day celebrates the conspicuous consumption of cannabis. Sure, it is a day to take a stand against the drug war and discuss tactics for abolishing the

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  • CULTURE’s Guide to 420 Day

    By Hans Fink and James Lang With cannabis legalization coming up for a vote in California for the first time in 37 years, flying your colors in support of cannabis this 420 Day has rarely been so

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  • THC Exposed

    2nd Annual Event Marks L.A. as Cannabis Capital By Ron Garmon Downtown Los Angeles is chockablock with conventions, trade shows and conferences, but the takeaway difference with THC Exposé

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