• Just What the Doctor Ordered

    What Specific Strains of Marijuana are Right for my Symptoms?   What’s in a strain name? Would Blue Dream by any other name smell just as sweet? More and more people are turning to medical

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  • Green Scene

    Greening Your Halloween   Local retailers have stocked up for Halloween, and while it’s out with Charlie Sheen and the old Kate Middleton pre-exposure, it’s in for Prince Harry (although you

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  • On the Horizon

    The new incarnation of Forza Horizon opens up the road to pure fun Every holiday season offers up a slew of anticipated games to desire but games aren’t cheap—a challenge to getting the

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  • Wrong Side of the Law

    The Michigan Court of Appeals says Macomb’s ban is void   Despite a ruling from the Michigan Court of Appeals, Macomb Township is extending its moratorium on medical marijuana. Macomb had a

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  • Back to the Future

    Another proposed measure to reform Washington’s marijuana policy may be considered for 2013   At a time when the pros and cons of Initiative-502 are being debated, another proposed  measure

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  • Gagged

    Key critics of the U.S.’ war on drugs are being silenced in a disturbing new trend   Is marching in a medical marijuana rally akin to consorting with violent neo-Nazis? It is according to

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  • Reforming NORML?

    The leaders of America’s oldest marijuana advocate call MMJ a sham—and sell out?!   Say what you want about the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, it’s the

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  • A Moment to Remember

    Scripps Study Reveals Cannabis Can Treat Alzheimer’s Disease   Although Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was discovered nearly a hundred years ago, modern medical science still knows very little

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