• Homemade and Natural Insect Repellents

    Learn how to avoid pesky critters this summer the old-fashioned way   Summer has arrived. The weather is warming up and it’s time to break out the outdoor gear, stock up on sunscreen and insect

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  • Anticipated Decision

    California's highest court: Cities can ban MMJ collectives--but this is not the last word on the issue Despite a voter approved law that legalized medical cannabis and a political groundswell

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  • Act in Accordance?

    John Ter Beek and ACLU take a stand against Wyoming’s ban   Do Michigan cities have the legal right to ban Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act? Is the Act superseded by federal law, which

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  • An Evolving Process

    Taxes, trademarks and arrest protection—the proposed bills affecting patients and adult users   November 2012’s election season left legislators with an enormous task; regulate cannabis for

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  • “A Teachable Moment”

    Dispensaries survive a local police crackdown in Vallejo, with lessons for the entire state   Dispensaries hoping to fight local police sweeps might want to look to Vallejo, where dispensaries and

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  • Mixed Messages

    ANALYSIS: Is cannabis medicine or not?—our federal government can’t seem to decide   So, does the cannabis plant possess medicinal properties? Does this controversial plant provide health

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  • L.A. Crucible

    Los Angelenos will decide the fate of their collectives on May 21   Los Angeles voters can decide the fate of local medical marijuana collectives using their May 21 general election, but it’s

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