• Fiber Fashion

    Hemp clothing’s come a long way, baby!   By Lynn Lieu Hemp, the “miracle fiber,” got its nickname for all of its characteristics that make it perfect for clothing; it’s strong and

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  • My Medical Romance

    Looking for 420 love? Sarah Diesel’s diary’s got great advice     February 3, 2011 Dear Diesel Diary, 12 days until Valentines Day. My great aunt’s annual reminder that I have yet to be

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  • Soul Survivor

    Elysia Skye teaches women how to party—and laugh—with cancer   By Jasen T. Davis   Elysia Skye was a young actress working to make it in Los Angeles when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at

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  • Oral Fixation

    A new mouth spray form of cannabis might usher in a new era in medicine By Paul Rogers While there’s plenty of reasons why California medical marijuana patients worry about access, a

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  • Even Better Than The Real Thing?

    So-called “Fake Pot” gets genuine attention from the drug warriors By Benny Lopez If you’ve ever wondered about those little packets of herb-like substances sold in smoke shops and

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  • Contact Sport

    The 420 Football League offers competition for your lungs By Jasen T. Davis Founded by business entrepreneur and Internet website mogul Kenard Durr, the 420 Football League arose as an answer to

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  • Dodging a Bullet

    How Steve Cooley nearly became Public Enemy No. 1   By Paul Rogers The fact that Steve Cooley nearly became the Attorney General for California should have sent shudders through the state’s

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  • High Finance

    Nine “enlightened” cities get ready to tax cannabis By Benny Lopez Rightly or wrongly, Proposition 19 went down in defeat last month—but that doesn’t mean that cities and voters in

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