• A Taxing Question

    To tax or not to tax cannabis—Washington lawmakers have a tricky task before them   Recently the U.S. Court of Appeals denied a petition made by Americans for Safe Access and the Coalition

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  • Ray of Hope

    Initiative to quash Santa Ana dispensary ban is headed for the 2014 ballot   If Santa Ana’s ban on dispensaries is the problem . . . a grassroots committee says the nearly 11,000 signatures

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  • Dropping Science

    If you can only say one thing in the battle for medicinal rights, you can say proudly that science is on your side. Cal Tech physicist John Schwarz—who just a few weeks ago spoke at the National

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  • Paying It Forward

    Jesse Pelayo makes reading affordable and accessible to the masses There used to be a time when more used bookstores peppered the Southern California landscape. But like all worthy businesses that

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  • State of Emergency

    If your dispensary is raided, here is some advice on what to do   Every medical cannabis patient is apprehensive at hearing that their dispensary has been raided by the Drug Enforcement

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  • Third Time’s the Charm

    Los Angeles officials propose a new, third dispensary ordinance—which activists support!   This May, Los Angeles voters will potentially have up to three dispensary-regulation measures on the

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  • Two Sides of the Coin

    From Seattle to Spokane, the law and which dispensary rules to follow just keep a-changin‘   Medical cannabis access point owners and their counsel spend many hours deciding whether to

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  • “This is a Civil Rights Issue.”

    Dennis Peron, the father of California’s MMJ movement, assures us that the times they are a-changin‘   In the world of medical cannabis activism, Dennis Peron’s name looms large. For decades,

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