• Global Warming

    The World’s Best Cannabis Parties   The rest of the world still has to play catch up with North America’s 420 celebrations, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality cannabis parties. For

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  • Game Changers

    Welcome to the wild world of . . . wacky sports!   Thanks to the Internet and infinite cable channels, crazy competitions are more popular than ever, and they are especially fun to watch when

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  • A Man on a Mission

    Artist Joe Cariati opens up to Culture on glass and more   Glass is an amazing material, whether it is the cup that we drink our morning coffee out of or the windows that protect us from the

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  • Two Sides of the Coin

    A temporary ban on dispensaries in Spokane may be considered good news . . . and bad   As state officials here in Washington continue to work out the distribution, taxation and legal details of

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  • Epic Fail?

    State Audit: Problems galore with the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division   In a scathing new report, the Colorado State Auditor blasted the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED)

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  • Rules of Engagement

    AB 473: Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s vision for standardized regulations   Ever since the Compassionate Use Act became law in 1996 medical cannabis has had the potential to become a very big

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  • Creature Comfort

    One LA vet says MMJ can be used to treat your pet’s cancer   It is normally a bad idea to give your pet medication of any kind—including cannabis—because such drugs weren’t formulated for

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