• Rules of Engagement

    AB 473: Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s vision for standardized regulations   Ever since the Compassionate Use Act became law in 1996 medical cannabis has had the potential to become a very big

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  • Creature Comfort

    One LA vet says MMJ can be used to treat your pet’s cancer   It is normally a bad idea to give your pet medication of any kind—including cannabis—because such drugs weren’t formulated for

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  • Flower “Power”

    Ann Arbor’s 42nd annual Hash Bash just keeps getting better—and bigger!   The 42nd Annual Hash Bash Rally on the University of Michigan campus—the state’s longest running cannabis

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  • Rarity in Politics

    Meg Sanders adds an MMJ voice to the Amendment 64 rules-making process   While cannabis may be one of the safest substances on Earth, there was one casualty predicted as Amendment 64 guaranteed

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  • Supreme Decision?

    What Does it Mean and How We Will Endure the High Court’s Ruling   The Michigan Supreme Court has confirmed that patient-to-patient transfers are not protected under the Michigan Medical

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  • A Taxing Question

    To tax or not to tax cannabis—Washington lawmakers have a tricky task before them   Recently the U.S. Court of Appeals denied a petition made by Americans for Safe Access and the Coalition

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  • Ray of Hope

    Initiative to quash Santa Ana dispensary ban is headed for the 2014 ballot   If Santa Ana’s ban on dispensaries is the problem . . . a grassroots committee says the nearly 11,000 signatures

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