• With A Vengeance

    Colorado’s diverse MMJ industry unites to fight superheroic battles The summer blockbuster The Avengers works on a simple premise: take a group of talented, yet diverse heroes and use their skills

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  • Changing the Rules

    Lawmakers amend the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act—affecting patients everywhere The Michigan House of Representatives recently passed new bills that directly affect the rights of patients across

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  • Bring the Payne

    Noise rock unit Health kicks up the pulse for the soundtrack for Max Payne 3 Rockstar Games knows that good stories and immersive music are important ingredients to make a successful game. In

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  • Road Rage

    A California bill to jail sober drivers had medical cannabis patients fuming   At press time, Assemblywoman Norma Torres amended AB 2552 to eliminate its disputed “per se” DUI elements.

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  • Don’t Fake It ’Til You Make It

    Korn’s career was built on passion for the music it creates   Jonathan Davis, the lead singer for Korn, helped create more than just a rock band with occasional rap lyrics that ended up

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  • Turf Battles

    Fighting the good fight at the local and state level—which is better?   As activists across California strive mightily to pass laws aimed at protecting access and patients’ rights, others

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  • Bucking the Trend

    While the Obama administration attacks, state-level politicos decide to get vocal   Since 2008, federal troops have raided collectives operating legally under state law across the country,

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