• Higher Heights

    Cypress Hill clocks in 20 years pushing the green agenda The Cannabis Cup is coming to America on April 20, and who better to headline the two-day event than Cypress Hill. The inaugural US Cup takes

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  • Our Contradictory Country

    Is cannabis medicine or not?—our federal government can’t seem to decide Cannabis has no medicinal value. Cannabis has medicinal value. Sound contradictory? It should—but the most

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  • Compassion in Court

    By David Downs The fate of medical cannabis access for hundreds of thousands of California patients suffering from cancer, AIDS and chronic pain hangs in the balance of the California Supreme

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  • Swimming With Narcs

    Remember Michael Phelps? He’s the internationally renowned, Olympic medal-winning athlete, recognized for his abilities as a top-notch swimmer.  He’s also the guy that got caught in 2009 by a

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  • Spliff Slang

    There’s no denying that “joint” is the term most MMJ patients (and recreational users) are familiar with. But like anything, the terms we use to describe our lives’ essentials undergo changes

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  • Here Comes Trouble

    With raids still happening, what’s a medical cannabis provider to do? Thankfully, the good souls at Americans For Safe Access (ASA) have launched a “Raid Response” campaign to help protect our

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