• 24 Hour Party, People

    CULTURE Magazine 420 Party When/Where: 7PM-2AM at Malone’s, 604 E. Dryer Rd., Santa Ana. Info: If you haven’t partied with us before, then watch out, sweetheart, because we’re going to be doing

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  • Holi-Daze

    There’s no denying that April 20 is the best day a canna-sseur can dream of. It’s like Halloween (cool parties), Thanksgiving (good food) and Christmas (joy to the world) all rolled into one. But

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  • Medicated Mixtape

    Every holiday needs a soundtrack and 420 is no exception. From blazing new joints to classic tunes, from rock to rap, please allow CULTURE to sonically school you with this 12-track playlist of

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  • Food For Thought

    Here’s a rundown on some of the critical things you’ll have on hand when that ol‘ blood sugar starts to drop.   SWEET Snickers ice cream bar Ice cream and chocolate in one

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  • The Compassionate States of America

    Here’s a quick look at the 15 states (and Washington, D.C.) with medical cannabis laws on their books:   Alaska Voters in the largest state in the union approved medical marijuana in 1999,

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  • Compassionate Capitalist

    From smuggler to businessman, Bruce Perlowin’s committed to the cause By Paul Rogers   “It’s very embarrassing: the King of Pot doesn’t smoke pot!” admits Bruce Perlowin. It’s

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  • The Big Date

    Sure, we all know what to do when April 20 hits . . . but here’s what the rest of the world was doing over the centuries.   1769 Ottawa Indian Chief Pontiac is

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  • Brain Tease

    Take this quickie quiz to test your knowledge of God’s green goodness.   1. The first historical mention of marijuana as medicine was in 2727 B.C. China. True or False?   2. The 1937

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