• Sweet Black Magic

    Isis’ brand of heavy hypnotic harmonics delve into the divine By Jasen T. Davis Isis possesses a hypnotic power reminiscent of bands like Godflesh, King Crimson and Sword, infused by a streak

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  • Mr. Positivity

    Reggae artist Pato Banton is on a holy mission to tour the country By Kevin Longrie   Pato Banton is a reggae heavyweight. Originally from the U.K., this seasoned veteran has more than 30

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  • Best of the Fests

    It’s summer—which means it’s summer festival season! To help you sort out through SoCal’s abundant bounty of tours, festivals and live music extravaganzas, we’ve boiled down the

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  • Green Giants

    It’s a brand new day for the Kottonmouth Kings and Sunrise Sessions By Jasen T. Davis   No other independent hip-hop rock band has had a career as vast and victorious as Kottonmouth

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  • Picks and Needles

    When Frank Delgado joined the Deftones, his turntable skills were recruited to add soundscapes and textures to the band’s music. Since then, Delgado’s become the band’s full-time keyboardist.

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  • The Fallen

    The story of what happened to Chi Cheng   On Nov. 4, 2008, Chi Cheng was traveling with his sister in Santa Clara when their vehicle flipped three times after hitting another car. Cheng, who

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  • Boys on the Side

    Being in the Deftones is a full-time gig . . . but Chino and the guys, however, still seem to find time to embark on a full range of side bands and projects, some of which have actually released

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