• Finding the Right Dose

    A skin patch to deliver meds is in the works—and could be available by year’s end By Paul Rogers   First the good news: a medical marijuana skin patch is imminent, according to the

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  • Cell Out

    Forget Clint Eastwood’s Escape From Alcatraz, Kurt Russell’s Escape From New York and Tim Robbin’s Shawshank Redemption. While it’s awesome to see a cunningly crafted prison break, the

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  • Raisin‘ Hell

    Like rappers, country artists seem to sometimes benefit from a reputation for wild, even illegal, antics. Maybe such drama inspires great songwriting—or perhaps country fans, despite their

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  • The Fabulous Baker‘ Boys

    Every genre has its shift in sound that redefines or alters it, often combining genres to create new ones or to expand into subgenres. The combination of blues, jazz and country spurned Sun Records

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  • Reel Country

    Country music’s deep roots in hard luck and heartbreak translate well into cinematic drama. Here are CULTURE’s Top 5 picks for the best country music-themed flicks:   NASHVILLE (1975) Who

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  • Prison Pointers

    Merle Haggard got a 15-year prison sentence after he was caught shoplifting. Lucky for us (and him), the musician ended up turning his life around. But just in case you aren’t so lucky, here are

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  • Merle Milestones

    Here’s a recap of just a few of notable achievements (and a few low points) in the storied life of The Hag. 1946 Merle Haggard’s father dies.   1950 Haggard is sent for the first time

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  • The Song Remains The Same

    Even though Merle Haggard had 38 No. 1 hits, “Okie From Muscogee” remains his most touted musical tour de force—and it remains a fan favorite. Released in 1969, Merle said he was inspired to

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