• Mia Jane – Profiles in Courage

    Patient name: Mia Jane Age: 30 Condition/Illness: IBS/Anxiety/Depression Using Medical Cannabis Since: I have been using medical cannabis since around the time I moved to Denver in

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  • Emma Chasen – Profile in Courage

    Name: Emma Chasen Age: 24 Condition or illness: Chronic lower back pain When did you start using medical cannabis? Freshman year of college at 18 years old. Did you try other methods or

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  • Coltyn Turner – Profile in Courage

    Patient Name: Coltyn Turner Age: 16 Condition/Illness: Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus Using medical cannabis since: 2014 Why did you start using cannabis? It was a

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  • Jenifer F. – Profile in Courage

    Name: Jenifer F. Age: 22 Condition or illness: Anxiety & IBS When did you start using medical cannabis? June 2016. It would have been months sooner, but my name was misspelled in the

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  • November Profile in Courage

    Patient Name: Jack Splitt Age: 15 Condition: Severe Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy with debilitating Dystonia, chronic pain and nausea Using medical cannabis since: July 2014 - August

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