• Profile in Courage Robert Pearce

      Patient Name: Robert Pearce Age: 35 Condition/Illness: Bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and substance abuse disorder Consuming medical cannabis Since: 2012 Why did you

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  • Donald R. Winn Profiles in Courage

    Patient name: Donald R. Winn Age: 32 Condition/Illness: Traumatic Brain Injury Using medical cannabis since: Medically since 2011 Why did you start using cannabis? On January 14, I slipped

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  • Profile in Courage – Kristin Murr

    Full name: Kristin Murr Age: 32 Condition or illness: Chronic back injury When did you start using medical cannabis? A close friend of mine suggested that I try cannabis for pain relief

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  • Vanessa I. Soza – Profile in Courage

    Full name: Vanessa I. Soza Age: 29 Condition or illness: OCD, PTSD, depression, body/gender dysmorphia When did you start using medical cannabis? I began using medical cannabis at the

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  • Mark M. Ward – Profile in Courage

    Full name: Mark M. Ward Age: 32 Condition or Illness:  PTSD, agoraphobia, general anxiety disorder, manic depression, cluster migraines, GERD, Diverticulosis When did you start using

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  • Ashley Cross – Profile in Courage

    Patient Name: Ashley Cross Age: 25 Using Medical Cannabis Since: I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2017. The disease has prevented me from doing the things I love to do and daily

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