• News Nuggets – December 2019

    Bay Area Cannabis Store Becomes Certified Green Business One of the largest cannabis retailers in Santa Cruz County, KindPeoples, recently announced that it has been named a Certified Green

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  • News Nuggets – November 2019

    Bay Area Sonoma County Leaders Approve Controversial Farm The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a five-year cultivation permit for Petaluma Hills Farm on Sept. 25, despite

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  • News Nuggets – October 2019

    Bay Area Oakland Cannabis Breathalyzer Company Raises $30M in Funding Oakland-based Hound Labs announced on Aug. 27 that it has raised $30 million in Series D financing, shortly after a

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  • News Nuggets – September 2019

    Bay Area Napa County Board of Supervisors Vote to Put Cannabis Cultivation Bill on Ballot On Aug. 20, the Napa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that will allow

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  • News Nuggets – August 2019

    Bay Area Bureau of Cannabis Control Launches Campaign to Keep Cannabis Sales Legal On June 21, the Bureau of Cannabis Control launched the “Get #weedwise” advertising campaign. The program is

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  • New Nuggets – July 2019

    Bay Area Panel Rules that Californian Prisoners Can Legally Possess Cannabis On June 11, a panel in Sacramento overturned the convictions of five prisoners for allegedly possessing cannabis

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  • New Nuggets – June 2019

    Bay Area Study Suggests Suicides Rates Dropped in California After Legalization A new study published in Archives of Suicide Research on May 13 indicates that the number of suicides in

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  • News Nuggets – May 2019

    Bay Area 25 Local Governments File Lawsuit Against Delivery Policy Represented by the legal team at Churchwell White LLP, 25 California jurisdictions filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of

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