• News Nuggets – October 2019

    Bay Area Oakland Cannabis Breathalyzer Company Raises $30M in Funding Oakland-based Hound Labs announced on Aug. 27 that it has raised $30 million in Series D financing, shortly after a

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  • News Nuggets – September 2019

    Bay Area Napa County Board of Supervisors Vote to Put Cannabis Cultivation Bill on Ballot On Aug. 20, the Napa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that will allow

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  • News Nuggets – August 2019

    Bay Area Bureau of Cannabis Control Launches Campaign to Keep Cannabis Sales Legal On June 21, the Bureau of Cannabis Control launched the “Get #weedwise” advertising campaign. The program is

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  • New Nuggets – July 2019

    Bay Area Panel Rules that Californian Prisoners Can Legally Possess Cannabis On June 11, a panel in Sacramento overturned the convictions of five prisoners for allegedly possessing cannabis

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  • New Nuggets – June 2019

    Bay Area Study Suggests Suicides Rates Dropped in California After Legalization A new study published in Archives of Suicide Research on May 13 indicates that the number of suicides in

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  • News Nuggets – May 2019

    Bay Area 25 Local Governments File Lawsuit Against Delivery Policy Represented by the legal team at Churchwell White LLP, 25 California jurisdictions filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of

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  • News Nuggets – April 2019

    Bay Area Antioch’s First Dispensary Approved by Planning Commission On March 6, the Antioch Planning Commission approved the city’s first dispensary in one of the two zones approved for

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  • News Nuggets – March 2019

    Bay Area American Cannabis Companies Sign Deal with Canadian Producers On Feb. 11, Oakland-based Harborside signed a deal with Toronto, Canada-based Lineage Grow Co. The two companies will

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