• Taxation . . . Without Protection?

    A potential cannabis tax study might shed positive light—or darkness By Christopher Glew   The Cannabis Certification and Regulation Act (SB 626) is a reworking of previous efforts to

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  • New “Wobbler” Law—Good or Bad?

    By Christopher Glew   A new proposal regarding medical marijuana is on the table for review with potential implementation in the near future. Assembly Bill 1017 was introduced by

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  • Legal Corner

    Transportation of marijuana by patients is limited up to only amounts necessary for current medical needs By Bruce Margolin   The California Court of Appeals has again interpreted the

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  • Drug Problems vs. Drug Money Problems

    By James P. Gray As all sophisticated people know, life is full of distinctions. One of those critical distinctions that we will discuss today is the difference between drug problems, and there

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  • Forces of Darkness

    Dana Point’s tactics amount to unconstitutional intimidation By Jeff Schwartz The black SUV pulled up, its illegally-dark tinted windows obscuring everything inside. I walked across the street

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  • It’s Just a Matter of Time

    By James P. Gray The election in California is over and the results are in: Proposition 19 won the election, but implementation will be delayed for two years. Wait, let me explain. Yes, I know that

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