• Building Wick Systems Growing Culture

    A complete system: Tray, blocks, container, wick, planting mix. The wick container system is an easy way to garden because it is self-watering. It also removes the uncertainty of when to water,

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    Early this summer I used light deprivation, providing 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to induce flowering. The plants were all harvested over a two-week period beginning the last week of

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  • 2017 Winter Garden 2

    Plant as purchased The winter garden, consisting of one plant, a SharkShock, has been flowering for a month. When I purchased it from a dispensary in Oakland the first week in January, I

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    Photo 1 There are a number of advantages to planting all female seed rather mixed seed or using clones: They do not have to be sexed so they can be started in place. Seedlings often have

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  • Testing The Varieties: Part 6

      Last month, the winter garden was still hanging, taking a long time between drying and curing. Now they are all properly dried and are hanging out in glass jars. The buds were tested using

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