• Oakland Outdoor Garden Part IV

    The Oakland garden is now ripe and is being harvested. As expected, the buds were ripe on Nov. 1. However, there was a delay in preparing for it, and the crew is playing catch-up. Every cultivator

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  • Urban Farm III

    It is now mid-October, and we’re continuing the cultivation of our urban farm. In order to give the plants more vegetative time so they can grow bigger, they were given nightly doses of light

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  • Urban Farm Experiment Continued

    It’s now Sept. 12, and we’re revisiting the Californian urban farm from last month’s column. The plants were placed outdoors during the last 10 days of July. It took a long time, because there

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  • Ketama, Morocco’s Cannabis Paradise

    Close your eyes and imagine a land where almost every bit of arable space is planted with high THC cannabis. If you opened them in the province of Ketama, in northern Morocco, that would be

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  • Experimental Conclusion Growing Culture

    When we left our experiment in the June issue, we were waiting for seedlings to flower. In that experiment, I was trying to replicate the same process performed by Sister Marie Etienne Tibeau in 1936

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  • The Experiments Continue

    Plants in the experiment are stunted because they are receiving no nutrients. The first flowers are beginning to develop. Sex Expression A few issues ago, I wrote about an experiment performed

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