It’s mid-September and time to harvest the first plant from my garden: A small Purple Pineapple. The plant is small, no bigger than two feet, with a top bud and a few small side buds. It has been

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  • GARDEN FEVER (Part IV) Growing Culture

    Several months ago I placed seedlings in an all-water system. I have ended that experiment for now, because I have not been able to bring the oxygen levels up, and the roots are drowning. In addition

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  • GARDEN FEVER (Part III) Growing Culture

    Last month, I placed some seedlings that I had started about 15 days earlier in cups and planted them in my 32 square-foot water garden. The experiment suffered from a number of problems. First, the

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  • Garden Fever

    Last month I wrote about setting up a new indoor garden and described the germination method. Since then, most of the seeds germinated but the foam and hydrocorn method I was testing was not ideal.

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  • High Ends and New Beginnings

    Enjoying the Harvest It’s been more than seven weeks since the winter/spring crop of “Ed Rosenthal Super Bud” has been harvested. It was left to dry in an unheated room with ambient

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  • The Advantage of Small Plants

    A large, healthy, flowering cannabis plant is an inspiring sight. It’s the successful culmination of an entire season’s effort. The quest for big plants is an artifact of eased prohibition rules,

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    I met a cannabis cultivator at a cannabis and health conference in Oahu, Hawaii this past January. He invited me to visit his farm located on the North shore of Oahu. He serves about 100 patients,

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  • Lessons From A Jamaican Winter Grow

    The dream and demand, “Legalize It!” has finally come to pass in Jamaica. People aren’t going to jail for cannabis. It is used freely in more places. However, licensing legal cannabis companies

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