• Natural Herbal Pain Relief

    Natural Herbal Pain Relief 2121 S. 10th St., San Jose (408) 283-9333 naturalherbalpainrelief.org   Top-Selling Strain Jack Herer Trainwreck Top-Selling Concentrate Dip N

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  • LUCID Puyallup

    LUCID Puyallup 7924 River Road E., Puyallup  (253) 604-7156 LUCIDmj.com   Top Selling Strain Cookie and Wedding Cake crosses Top Selling Concentrate Affordable sugar

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  • Smartweed

    Smartweed 1040 N. Western Ave., Hollywood (323) 672-8383 smartweedcollective.com   Top-Selling Strain Golden Ticket   How and when did your dispensary start up? The

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