Cards Against Humanity Releases Cannabis-themed Card Pack

Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is an adult card game that has revitalized the table top and board game market over the past few years. The game plays similarly to the more family-friendly version called Apples to Apples, where players combine different cards to try and make the most accurate or funny statements. However in CAH, players have access to thousands of inappropriate and hilarious cards to entertain countless adult players, and now the game’s newest card pack is set to entertain cannabis consumers as well.

For those who haven’t tried this game before, one player (called the “Card Czar”) chooses a random black card that describes an instance, a thought or a fill-in-the-blank situation. All other players must present one white card that they feel best (or most hilariously) works with the statement of the black card.

Simply named the “Weed Pack,” the $5 pack contains 30 new cards (25 white cards, 5 black cards) written in true CAH fashion. A few of the cards contained in the pack are all too relevant to the cannabis community, and here are a few examples:

White Cards

– An eight-foot man smoking a six-foot bong

– Unbelievably soft carpet

– A whole cheese pizza just for me

– Eating all the skin off a rotisserie chicken

– Snoop Dogg

Black Cards

– Hold up I gotta deal with ___ then I’mma a smoke this

– You know what’s like, really funny when you think about it? ___

– Okay here’s the pitch. James Franco and Seth Rogen are trying to score some weed, and then, ___happens

– Everyone staring at you because you’re ___

– Instead of playing a card this round, everyone must stare the Card Czar while making a sound you’d make after tasting something delicious.

In the past, CAH has released other special edition packs, such as the ’90s Nostalgia Pack, Sci-Fi Pack and Geek Pack, among others, all of which come with a specially designed exterior. The company’s newest Weed Pack comes in a smell-proof plastic bag that cannabis consumers will recognize, weighing in at 1.6 ounces and with a warning label that states “This product does not contain any actual marijuana. We smoked it all.” The pack also requires a simple check box to be clicked before checking out, not unlike when cannabis dispensary websites require you to confirm that you’re over 21 years of age. This particular check box says “I’m over 18. Pack contains no marijuana.”

Best of all, all of the Weed Pack’s profits are being donated to the Marijuana Policy Project. As of July 18, the pack has generated $68,634 that has been given to the organization.

If for some reason you’re not into the CAH scene, there are other places you can find cannabis-themed or related games instead. Check out games like Stoner Fluxx or Lords of Cannabis to spice up your evenings.

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