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“It’s cool to turn something that is non-formed
into a physical thing . . . ”  Celebrating her 10th year in the music
industry, musician K. Flay released her newest album Life As A Dog




Celebrating her 10th year in the music industry, musician K. Flay released her newest album Life As A Dog this last June and it has received nothing but praise from her fans as it climbed the Billboard charts. Embarking on a 30-city tour this summer/fall, Miss Flay took a few minutes out of her day to chat with CULTURE about music production, touring and the essential amount of coffee to get the day started.

Life As A Dog has a very dreamy rock-hop sound that is very focused, but at the same time is also very raw.

Well thank you! I appreciate that, I certainly wanted to keep things a little bit rough around the edges on some level, both in terms of content and in terms of on the production side of things to give it that raw feel. After having played so many shows and having toured, I feel like I had the influence on how I wanted to craft this album.

What is your favorite track off the album?

You know, I think my favorite track is the first one—it’s called “Everyone I Know.” That track for some reason is just kind of special to me. I actually like that track and the last song “Get It Right,” those are probably my two favorites because in a weird way, they feel like songs I wanted to sing something lyrically and I was able to, which doesn’t often happen.

When you dropped Life As A Dog in June, it hit #14 on the US Billboard Rap Charts. How does it feel to be a positive influence on the next generation of female musicians?

I hope it has an impact! For me my main prerogative outside of being a good Christian and making the world a better place, etc . . . is just representing my perspective as honestly and sincerely as I possibly can. I think it’s important for there to be a diversity of ways that women are presented within the world of music. Hopefully there is a positive impact on some girls who are starting to explore that.

Do you use cannabis for your writing process?

I think is very compelling to me in general, when I think about times have experienced that and reflect on that then it can be a very creatively inspiring thing from a conceptual stand point. I’ve lived in many places where it’s an obvious and welcome part of the culture—pretty soon, I hope and feel it will be available everywhere!

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