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Cannatela Pre-Roll



This is one of the most unique pre-rolls our reveiwers have had the pleasure of smoking. Packaged in a sleek black box and nestled in a cardboard tray, comes a plump pre-rolled joint hot off the shelves of The Green Solution. Cannatela is made up of carefully selected top-shelf buds, which are then wrapped in cannabis fan leaves using CO2 extracted oil. Attached was a wooden mouthpiece for smoking enjoyment and ease. The joint itself was sturdy, with lovely golden oil spilling out of the end. We couldn’t wait to fire it up, and we are so glad that we had some time to smoke it, because this baby burned for almost an hour. The flavor of the Cannatela joint was fresh, earthy and smoked smoothly, which can be attributed to the careful curing process of the flower. The Cannatella Pre-Roll brought on strong feelings of couch-lock, making it the perfect nightcap to a stressful day.

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