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Cannacraft Fish Tanks Vape Cartridge



By far one of the most consciously crafted and well-designed concentrate pens available anywhere, the “Fish Tanks” Vape Cartridge is a collaboration between AbsoluteXtracts and SF-based artist, Jeremy Fish. Featuring a stunning and genuine leather carrying pouch crafted in the shape of a fish, it is immediately clear this one-of-kind-product is certainly something special. Inside of the delicately designed and silk lined pouch lies the caviar of the vape cartridge world. A fully golden cartridge and pen, both emblazoned with artistic fish patterns, this vape is a testament to the beauty that can be found in careful and heartfelt design. The cart yields a thick and lush vapor comprised of potent and clear Tangie distillate oil, the first-of-its-kind from AbsoluteXtracts. A clear winner in terms of pure function and beauty, any consumer who can get their hands on one of these is truly blessed to own such a perfectly designed piece of art.

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