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Cannabis Testing Lab in Oregon Halts Operations



Ecotest Labs in Oregon was recently shut down temporarily due to a series of violations, which adds insult to the industry, as the facility was also destroyed by the Almeda wildfire earlier this year.

The lab was cited for 160 different violations related to clients that received cannabis tested since August 21. All those clients must get their cannabis retested, as the lab did not meet required testing procedures and standards and fell under scrutiny. It is now being shut down by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) until further notice, as the OLCC claims the lab is a “serious danger to the public health and safety.”

The lab was originally cited when it didn’t meet standards, because the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program suspects that Ecotest Labs moved testing equipment unlawfully from Phoenix, Oregon to Hillsboro, Oregon and that test results were being entered incorrectly into the system.

Now, an official investigation is being launched into whether or not any equipment was moved unlawfully and if there is reason to dig into methods being used and results being obtained by the lab due to the unlawful use and movement of equipment. So far, the activity has not been found permissible, and the company is being accused of using an unlicensed, unaccredited facility in Hillsboro without obtaining the proper permission to do so. The movement of equipment happened when the Phoenix location was destroyed in the wildfire, and it was necessary to take operations everywhere.

For now, it’s still unclear what will happen, since the lab is denying the charges, and the OLCC is actively looking to help relocate and relicense businesses that were impacted by the wildfire, not punish them because of it. Ecotest Labs may still face consequences, however, if the violations are serious enough.

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