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Cannabis Technology Company Presses Against CES Restrictions




One cannabis company is displaying its cannabis product technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Well, sort of.

PAX Labs demonstrated its vaporizer with CBD or THC pods at local dispensary Planet 13. It also shared its vaporizers at another CES event using flavored placebo pods. CES rules ban cannabis product on the show floor, so to showcase how their products work, cannabis products must look off-site or use alternative products in their technology.

PAX Labs spokesperson Jeff Brown felt the ban was odd since “ . . . there’s no shortage of beer, wine, and alcohol poured and consumed at CES.” Recreational cannabis is also legal in the state of Nevada.

However, a CES spokesperson said that there is no cannabis or e-cigarettes on the show floor because there was market category for them.  Brown said that PAX Labs hopes to work directly with CES officials to relax the rules and allow cannabis companies to demo on the show floor.

PAX Labs vaporizers and pen-and-pod devices use an app that allows cannabis consumers to control their intake through temperature and amount of cannabis used. It also has a digital lock to keep it out of children’s hands.

“Whether you take an easy or intense inhalation, the app will regulate how much oil is consumed,” said Brown.

PAX Labs shared stage with Engadget Tuesday morning, where chief executive of PAX Labs  Bharat Vasan discussed cannabis’ acceptance and the digital revolution that followed in the industry. “As legalization spreads, millions of people coming in . . . one of the biggest problem in this space as people are coming in is figuring out the right thing . . . PAX is taking the guesswork out of it,” said Vasan to Engadget. “I think that’s a big innovation that takes it mainstream.”

PAX Labs is joined at CES by Puffco, who showed their battery-operated desktop concentrate vape, or “smart bong” at CES last year. PAX Labs is a sister company to Juul, which branched from PAX Labs in 2015 and has quickly become a popular option for those who are trying to drop traditional cigarettes and younger consumers.