DOWN TO EARTH Cannabis strains inspired by Lucy Lawless

Cannabis strainsLucy – Hybrid

Like a classic oldies love song, we can’t praise enough how amazing Lucy Lawless can be. She has continued to bring strong female characters to television shows since 1995, with roles that delve into Grecian warrior princesses and 17th century witches. To get in the mood to watch and enjoy many of Lucy’s projects, check out the strain of the same name. This hybrid will put you into a relaxed state, but is also known for creating euphoric and sleepy feeling, which isn’t a bad thing since you’ll probably end up dreaming about Lucy anyway.

Love Potion #1 – Sativa

Lucy Lawless is a name that tops almost everyone’s list of youthful crushes—ever present in the mind of everyone who fell for her in her strong, female roles since her first appearance on Hercules. In reference to her “first love” status in your heart, try out the uplifting effects of Love Potion #1 to refuel that flame for the attractive and talented actress. Love Potion #1 will put you into a state of extra energetic effect, and there’s no way you can’t be happy while under its spell.

Kiwi Skunk – Indica

Did you know that Lucy Lawless hails from New Zealand? The country, which lies Southeast of Australia, has a unique culture all to its own. The locals there refer to themselves as “kiwis,” and they’re fiercely proud of their heritage and history in Maori culture—and the fact that Xena: Warrior Princess was filmed there too. Dwell on the heavenly beauty of New Zealand, and thank them for bringing Lucy and Xena together while experience the ultra-relaxing effects of Kiwi Skunk. This indica will put you into a state of relaxation, but might also incite happy and creative feelings as well. We’re pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of trying to imitate Xena’s classic war chant while under the effects of this unique strain.

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