Cannabis Science Joins Biotech Company to Fight HIV: A Landmark Alliance

GenePro® is the flagship product of the biotechnology giant
IBX Bio Inc. IBX has generated DNA constructs of non-infectious HIV they
believe will produce antibodies. This summer, IBX Bio Inc. has joined forces
with Cannabis Science (CBIS) for an FDA-approved clinical trial. The studies
will research the applications of the combination of GenePro® and CS-TATI-1, a
cannabinoid-based drug. The collaboration is historic, maximizing the
synergistic effects of cannabinoids and advanced HIV immunotherapy.

Extensive research indicates the effects of cannabinoids inhibit both
inflammation and block HIV
. HIV causes inflammation, even at low levels. CBD is known to
combat inflammation. In additions, THC is known to block HIV replication,
especially in the digestive system. Cannabis Science believes cannabinoids are
the missing puzzle piece to the complete effects of GenePro®. Cannabis Science
President, Mr. Raymond C. Dabne, explains,
“The collaboration between IGX Bio and CBIS is intended to help provide
new insights into the role of inflammation and therapeutic vaccination of HIV
as a critical step for optimizing effective treatments for AIDS patients in
various resource settings. These studies will provide a scientific evaluation
of GenePro® and CS-TATI-1 to demonstrate the enhanced potential of therapeutic
vaccination and the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids to deter disease
progression in AIDS patients unable to achieve control HIV replication.” Cannabis
Science is currently focusing on CS-TATI-1 and two other drugs.

IBX claims only GenePro®
stimulates both a cellular and antibody response in HIV patients. CS-TATI-1 is
not intended to buffer the effects of the drug– instead, it’s intended to
systematically destroy HIV copies simultaneously with GenePro®. The idea is to
inhibit HIV without severe side effects.

Current antiretrovirals (essentially, HIV cocktails) can
reduce HIV copies to an undetectable level. The downside, however,  is that they cause permanent damage. They
lower bone density, cause cognitive damage and a patient can become resistant
if they miss dosages. The most common antiretroviral is ATRIPLA®, which also causes
night time hallucinations
. One out of five users drop after the first
“dream.” Needless to say, the world needs a safer approach to HIV therapy. The
clinical trials orchestrated by Cannabis Science and IBX may introduce the
world to a more effective type of therapy for HIV.

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