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Cannabis Rejected for GOP Platform




republican-827256_1280Not surprisingly, the Republican Party has officially declared themselves against having medical cannabis as part of their 2016 platform.

According to NBC News, when the party met in Cleveland, Ohio to decide on key issues for this year’s election, they announced the rejection of medical cannabis as part of their platform.

Even though some delegates and proponents spoke passionately about cannabis’ ability to heal the sick and make good things happen for those suffering from debilitating conditions, the Republican Party refused to hear it.

“We’re not talking about Cheech and Chong … we’re talking about people with debilitating conditions,” one delegate was reported as saying.

Despite this, the substance was decried by many as the “gateway drug,” and somehow, also linked to mass shootings by those debating it.

“That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” a GOP observer reportedly stated after these ridiculous allegations against cannabis were launched.

In addition to not accepting cannabis as part of their platform, the Republican Party will also not be advocating for replacing “traditional” marriage language with language that supports same-sex marriage in Republican literature. They are also still going to stand in support of “therapy” for younger children who are gay, meaning conversion therapy, and endorsed the teaching of the Bible in schools.

While all of this is not surprising for a party that has recently supported the idea of building a wall to keep foreigners out of the U.S., it is still shocking that terminology like “gateway drug” is being used in 2016, or that the members of the GOP don’t find it ridiculous to link cannabis to mass shootings, after the substance has been safely legalized in many states throughout the country.

It is clear that for 2016, those who want legalized cannabis and effective change on the cannabis front will be wise not to align themselves with the Republican party.

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