Cannabis Powerhouse to open in Coachella by November


A sizable 88,000 square-foot cannabis compound in the desert is scheduled to open up in the city of Coachella. Irvine-based Cultivation Technologies is taking advantage of a new local ordinance that allows cannabis cultivation. Their unique facility will cover the entire process through the supply chain.

“We saw an opportunity in the city of Coachella—an agricultural community desperately in need of economic development,” Justin Beck, the president of Cultivation Technologies, told OC Weekly. “After much discussion, the city said they wanted to participate, but essentially didn’t know where to start. So we helped them create an ordinance that fully aligns with [MMRSA] in advance of its final implementation. We now have six acres of real estate in Coachella that we’re dedicating to the legal cultivation of marijuana for our Coachella branded cannabis.” The Coachella brand will include lab-tested flowers and extract products. “We will also act as a third party service provider of extracts from local producers of cannabis. We’ll also then test, distribute and transport it from our site,” Beck added.

The site will be all-inclusive—all areas of the supply chain will be covered, including cultivation, manufacturing, testing and distribution. Most other companies in the area rely on third-party labs and distribution companies. Earlier this year, the Coachella city council passed an ordinance which allows cannabis cultivation, dispensing and delivery within city limits. Coachella’s designated cannabis zone is the land along Avenue 48 east of Dillon Road—the same land that’s zoned for auto wreckage.

Nearby Desert Hot Springs has also recently legalized cannabis cultivation, however, only the city of Coachella allows cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. The Coachella brand will become a great option for those who want to support locally grown, manufactured and distributed products.

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