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Find your New Signature Scent with Cannabis Perfume



Cannabis PerfumeGone are the days of trying to conceal the distinct, intoxicating aroma of cannabis. With new legalization laws and the overall perception of cannabis evolving, people are now going out of their way to smell like their favorite strains with cannabis perfume.

Xyrena, a perfume company based in Los Angeles, has just released its Reefer Madness Collection, which features three unisex cannabis perfume scents inspired by some of the most popular cannabis strains.

Killian Wells, the owner of Xyrena, credits this innovative idea to the fact that he didn’t care for the smell of burning cannabis flower. However, Wells found the raw, unscorched aroma very appealing and with that, his dream was born.

Blue Dream is one cannabis perfume in particular that was described as on par “with the strain’s signature sweet blueberry aroma with just a hint of skunk and evolves into an earthy pepper scent with a lingering sweetness, making the fragrance just as smooth and balanced as its flowering inspiration.”

OG Kush, modeled after the celebrated west coast strain boasts scents of, “sour lemon and pine aroma and dries down to an earthy cedar fragrance with a hint of burnt rubber common in ‘Kush’ strains.”

Space Cake takes the cannabis fragrance to another level by incorporating a scent that is described as salty and buttery. Its scent also packs the earthy scent of cannabis trimmings infused with a genuine cedar essential oil. Space Cake is also described to have notes of yellow cake batter, French vanilla and baker’s yeast that is topped with a note of buttercream frosting. This scent will certainly make your mouth water.

The perfumes themselves do not contain any actual cannabis, but the formula for the fragrances combine both natural cannabis oils along with synthetic fragrance oils to achieve their desired scents. All of the fragrances on the Xyrena website are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Packaged in a throwback VHS case, each bottle has a distinct design to mirror the strain they are based off of and sell for the very fitting price of $74.20 for a 1.7 fluid ounce bottle.

For those of us still on the fence on whether or not we actually want to smell like our favorite cannabis strain all day, Wells has also created a music video for Blue Dream. Enjoy!

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