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Cannabis Jobs in Michigan Doubled in 2020



A recent report has revealed that cannabis-related jobs in Michigan have doubled over the past year.

According to Leafly’s annual jobs report, which was created in partnership with Whitney Economics, the United States saw an increase of 77,000 new cannabis jobs throughout the country. Overall, the country supports an estimated 321,000 cannabis jobs. “In the United States there are more legal cannabis workers than electrical engineers,” Leafly says in its report. “There are more legal cannabis workers than EMTs and paramedics. There are more than twice as many legal cannabis workers as dentists.”

Alongside data regarding average consumer age and money spent on cannabis, is the mention of how much progress Michigan has made in the short amount of time since legalization went into effect in December 2019. In just over a year, 18,078 cannabis jobs became available in the state (9,216 jobs were added in 2020). “Michigan doubled its legal cannabis workforce in a single year,” the report summarized. “There are now more cannabis workers than cops in Michigan. In a state known for its auto industry, the number of cannabis workers is now roughly equal to the number of auto repair mechanics. Michigan’s first adult-use marijuana stores opened in Dec. 2019, and that new customer base drove 2020 sales to more than double Michigan’s 2019 medical-only revenue, from $420 million to $990 million.”

On a ranked list of states with the most jobs, Michigan sits at sixth place. Other higher ranking states include Washington State (fifth place), Arizona (fourth place), Florida (third place), Colorado (second place) and California (first place).

Michigan’s cannabis data shows a drastic rise in cannabis sales, according to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s most recent report. Approximately $41 million in total cannabis sales were collected in the month of January 2021 alone. In January 2020, sales were marked at $25 million.

Many states have experienced a sales boom due to the ongoing pandemic, and among those, Michigan’s cannabis industry is expected to continue its upward trending sales data.

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