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Cannabis-infused Thanksgiving Gravy Makes Debut




Kiva Confections announced on Nov. 20 its limited-edition release of cannabis-infused Turkey Gravy, according to a news release. The new gravy concept is bound to make Thanksgiving dinner more bearable this year.

According to Kiva, the gravy is made using cutting-edge technology with the aim of allowing the cannabinoids to be absorbed faster in the stomach and soft tissue. The system uses nanotechnology to create tiny particles that help to speed up the process. With this formula, the cannabinoids are absorbed within 2-15 minutes—much faster than the typical waiting time for edibles.

“Fast-acting edibles technology is an exciting industry innovation because it has the potential to change the way people use edibles, breaking down the barriers to entry,” said Kiva’s Co-Founder and CEO Scott Palmer. “What better way to start than with America’s favorite Thanksgiving dressing?” 

The company’s single-serve gravy packets are infused with 10mg of THC each. It’s the perfect dose to take the edge off of family get-togethers while remaining discreet.

The recipe includes traditional ingredients including turkey stock, salt, onion,  garlic and of course, cannabis. The gravy comes in powdered form. In order to make the gravy, whisk the powder with one cup of water in a saucepan, bring to a boil and finally stir to achieve your desired level of thickness. Kiva’s line of Turkey Gravy packets can be found at all Sweet Flower locations in Los Angeles, California, as well as Grass Roots locations in San Francisco, while limited supplies last.  

But Kiva plans on releasing more items using its nanotechnology as an edge. The company’s Turkey Gravy is only the beginning. “The fast-acting edibles bypass the notoriously lengthy trip through the liver,” the company wrote in its announcement, “and is instead absorbed into the soft tissue and stomach allowing the cannabinoids to take effect in two to 15 minutes, versus traditional edibles’ typical onset of 90 minutes or longer.”

The Turkey Gravy packets go for $5 per serving.