Cannabis Grower to Use Security Cows to Protect Farm


The state of Hawaii has undergone some major changes in medical cannabis recently, and the new regulatory system to allow cannabis growing and sales is well on its way to serving the great people of the Aloha State. In order to align with all necessary security requirements, it’s essential that business owners invest money into improving security. Growers such as Richard Ha, who owns a 40-acre cannabis grow farm called Lau Ola, has implemented surveillance cameras, an alarm system, and apparently soon, “security cows” to protect his grow farm.

Ha originally told his neighbors that security guards would patrol and protect his farm, but he believes that they would not actually be a better option for protection, “We’re not going to have armed guards because we’d end up shooting ourselves,” Ha reportedly told his neighbors, according to Leafly. As a previously successful banana farmer, Ha realized that there will always be thieves around to steal farm products, and confronting those individuals could often lead to violence. Ha’s approach to protecting his cannabis growing business, which he’s investing a lot of time and money in order to become properly licensed on the Big Island, comes with security cows instead.

His farm is covered in large branches and bushes, which makes it easy for would-be thieves to attempt to trespass and hide behind. Cows however are well-known for eating up anything in their path, and in doing so would limit the number of places that trespassers could hide, “We know cattle ranchers. It’s a win-win for us and them. They get to raise their animals, and we don’t have to do the weeding and maintenance, grass cutting and things like that,” Ha said.

Although the thought of a cow grazing is not entirely frightening, Ha has decided to just call them “bulls” instead, and plans to post multiple signs to scare away intruders, “Everybody’s afraid of bulls. Nobody wants to be caught in a pasture with a wild bull,” Ha mentioned.

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