Cannabis Dating 101 Molly Peckler, Cannabis Dating Coach and Founder of Highly Devoted talks cannabis, love and how to make it last

When it comes to sex and love, cannabis gets a great rap as far as getting intimate between the sheets. But in reality, cannabis can do so much more than spice things up in the bedroom. It can also promote intimacy between couples when it comes to talking out issues, connecting on a spiritual level and just generally treating each other well and finding some common ground. CULTURE spoke to cannabis dating coach Molly Peckler, founder of her own cannabis company, Highly Devoted, to get the scoop on how she helps couples and individuals who prioritize cannabis, good vibes and mutual love and respect.

What made you decide to become a cannabis dating coach or go into cannabis counseling?

Being a cannabis-friendly dating coach is kind of the perfect amalgamation of my professional experience and passions. I have a degree in psychology and I am a people person, very emotionally intelligent, and I’ve always been someone who was able to connect on a very deep level with both men and women. For years I worked as a professional matchmaker, and I helped people find love.

“Sometimes when we are in a relationship our emotions can get the best of us, so you can use cannabis as a way to get on the same page.”

How do you work cannabis into your job as a dating coach?

Well I am someone who is a regular cannabis consumer, and it plays a really important part in my relationship with my husband. I really understand how important it is to many people in their lives and how it should be important in their search for a partner and eventually their relationships. At that point I was like, “Okay, I had this experience,” and I was kind of living the dream in terms of having my cannabis-friendly partner. I realized how important that is, and how many people can face a lot of judgement and stigma when dating if they use cannabis. I get how that factors into a search and I also really understand how cannabis and networking works in that circle, so I help people locally wherever they are to find cannabis partners that they form romantic connections with. I’ve also started throwing events that are kind of cannabis singles mixers where we do have consumption onsite.

What are some of the most common issues you see couples experiencing when they come to you, and how does cannabis help?

I do work with people who are in relationships but potentially having issues connecting over cannabis; they feel like they can’t be completely honest with their partner. I also work with couples where the communication isn’t there and it doesn’t have anything to do with cannabis.

What is your greatest success story when it comes to cannabis as a treatment for couples?

One of my favorite clients I ever worked with, she is actually located in Europe. I Skype a lot of my clients, so it doesn’t really matter where you are. She is someone who is very successful, very high powered career, and she always felt ashamed about her love of cannabis. It was something she hadn’t come to terms with, and she wasn’t open with people in her life. I helped her realize how it helped her fuel her success. I helped her to find someone through online dating, craft her profile and the person she met was incredibly accepting.

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

I am currently working on a book, so I definitely want to release a book and go tour and do a lot of speaking engagements and help as many people as I can. Eventually I’d like to have my own cannabis products that focus on confidence or flirtation or different things for couples to relax and unwind with in the bedroom, different ways cannabis can enhance your life and relationships. I am also speaking with some different production companies about doing a show about my business, so that could be something really cool in the future as well.

What do you think could be done better overall when it comes to cannabis as a tool for counseling?

If I was a licensed councilor or social worker or therapist or psychologist I would be at risk for losing my license if I talked about cannabis the way that I do, so I think that’s definitely unfortunate. Coaching definitely works with my clients, but I know there are people who are licensed professionals who would love to use cannabis as part of their practices.

What advice do you have for couples who are cannabis users and want to use cannabis to help improve their relationships?

I would say really focus on the fact that cannabis enhances compassion and empathy, and use cannabis as a tool to communicate, to bond, to spend time together. It’s a great way to gain perspective. Sometimes when we are in a relationship our emotions can get the best of us, so you can use cannabis as a way to get on the same page. There’s nothing better than being able to have a great session with the person that you love.

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