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Cannabis Cowboy




Available at LA Gas Station in Los Angeles.

Cannabis Cowboy is fresh on the scene for producing concentrates, but the quality of their concentrates bespeaks professionals who have long known exactly what they are doing. Available at the LA Gas Station in Los Angeles, the translucent, deep amber shatter is free of any bubbles meaning this is a clean, pure shatter. Upon inhalation, it fills your mouth with a sweet, fruity, floral taste, resembling a lavender-infused Starburst. Smooth and mildly expansive, the effects come on almost immediately with full effects apparent after a few minutes—totally uplifting and energizing. Having a dreary and uneventful day? Cannabis Cowboy is excellent for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up—exhilaration without discombobulation. Other uses would include pain mitigation, appetite stimulation and for a pleasurable and entertaining diversion from the cares of the day. Excellent for use with friends, but concentrate novices should exercise caution.

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