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Cannabis Company Named as 2020 CES Awards Honoree




Canadian tech company KEEP Labs announced it has been named a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Home Appliance Category—the first time the conference has awarded a cannabis tech company.

KEEP Labs will be honored for KEEP, a smart storage device for cannabis that connects to an app using WiFi and Bluetooth to allow users responsible access to their cannabis and sends notifications if anyone attempts to move or access the box while it’s locked.

“Becoming a 2020 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Home Appliance Category is a huge acknowledgment for KEEP,” said Ben Gliksman, co-founder of KEEP Labs. “It shows how the perception of cannabis is changing and with change comes a need for safety in the home.”

KEEP looks like a standard digital clock but also comes equipped with a rolling tray, sortable internal containers, an area for accessories and even a built in scale. It’s also sealed to keep in odors and is temperature controlled, which scientists proved has an effect on the THC degradation in stored cannabis.

CES, the largest consumer electronics convention in the world, has long been averse to showing off cannabis technology with many cannabis tech companies having trouble getting an opportunity to show of their products.

“Apparently they’re not comfortable with cannabis. It’s odd and mildly frustrating,” said Jeff Brown, vice president of public policy and communications at PAX Labs. “Nevada is a medical and recreational [consumption] legal state, and there’s certainly no shortage of alcohol being served at CES. There are concessions everywhere. To draw the line at a technology company demoing cannabis is odd and frustrating.”

CES is held in Las Vegas, Nevada and although recreational cannabis is legal, CES doesn’t allow actual cannabis on the showroom floor. While KEEP is cannabis adjacent, it doesn’t involve actual cannabis.