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Cannabis Beer Line Launched in California Bars




Lagunitas Brewing Company, the makers of fine flavored brews, announced the launch of SuperCritical Ale and SuperCritical vape cartridges across California on August 14. The company is releasing a variety of products infused with either cannabis terpenes or THC.

Lagunitas is partnering with AbsoluteXtracts in order to release both terpene-infused ale as well as THC-infused vape cartridges with hop terpenes. Don’t worry—you won’t be overcome by the combined synergistic effects of alcohol and cannabis because SuperCritical Ale contains no THC. The vape cartridges, however, contain both THC and terpenes extracted from hops.

When CULTURE tried our sample of Lagunitas SuperCritical Ale, we tasted a floral, hoppy taste that wasn’t overpowering. Ale and IPA lovers will agree that SuperCritical Ale hits the spot. The concept is to have the right amount of THC at the right time, which isn’t always best mixed with alcohol. “Beer with cannabis terpenes . . . Vape with hop terpenes . . . Stay tuned for SuperCritical updates,” Lagunitas Beer posted on Instagram

There are few brewing companies that have a more relaxed attitude towards cannabis than Lagunitas. Lagunitas’ former cannabis-flavored beer line “Kronik” was forced to rename after pressure from the California state government, so it renamed the line to “Censored.” The company also released a beer called “Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale” after the budding company was shut down in 2005 after the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control caught employees smoking cannabis at a brewery party.

Beer companies are looking for the best way to avoid losing beer enthusiasts to the new cannabis market, and the trend is catching on. Heineken International announced on May 4 that it purchased a 50 percent stake in Lagunitas Brewing Company. SuperCritical Ale is available at a variety of California bars and establishments:

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