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Cannabis Art Installation Makes Appearance in Milan, Italy




An immersive art installation themed around the colors of cannabis terpenes and strains was presented in Milan, Italy during the last week of September.

Entitled “50 Shades of Green,” this art installation was created by Massimo Burgio (who refers to himself by the handle of Burningmax). In contemporary form, “50 Shades of Green” embraces a visual representation of cannabis and its many varieties. Fifty layers of hemp fabric in fifty colors were hung from high ceilings, creating a long tunnel that viewers could walk through. These colors represent cannabis’ color tones, genetics and strain variations.

The installation was altered three times during its time in Milan. On the first day, the hemp fabric was themed around famous indica strains such as Blackberry Kush, Kashmir Kush, Lavender, TNT Kush and Wifi OG. The second day featured sativa strains like Amnesia, Gipsy Haze, OG Kush, Orange Turbo and Pink Plant. Finally, Sunday was decorated after hybrid strains Black Dream, Gorilla Glue, Grapefruit OG, Key Lime Pie and Lemon Cookies.

“With 50 Shades of Green Burningmax pays tribute to the plant that has inspired generations of artists, by elaborating and amplifying its perceptual aspects – color, smell and touch,” Burningmax wrote on the installation website. Smells like cannabis’ and ‘green like weed’ are actually (partially) stereotypes, given the abundant variety that mother nature and growers infuse in all the hemp variations in terms of colors and smells, among the various components. The artwork is a hemp / cannabis / weed / hemp-inspired art installation that celebrates “the plant” and its role and interaction with human society for thousands of years, for a wide variety of uses and applications.”

To date, the exhibit has made appearances during numerous cannabis trade shows in Europe, including Canapa Mundi, Sativa Trade and also Canapa Mundi Lite.

Although a cannabis event called Canapa in Mostra was recently cancelled in Naples, “50 Shades of Green” is still set to appear in the area.