CannaBasics: How to Make Cannabis Butter

We’re going to take a step back to cover something that is not a complex procedure, but nonetheless essential to any cannabis consumer’s knowledge base—making cannabutter. Whether you’re simply buttering up a batch of fresh pancakes, moistening up a slice of bread or infusing a birthday cake with cannabis, knowing how to make cannabutter is the easiest way to ease into cannabis cooking. Similarly to our previous CannaBasics guide on infusing cannabis oil, this process just takes a little time.

What You’ll Need

1 cup water

1 part butter of your choice

1 part decarboxylated cannabis, ground up

A cooking setup (popular choices include a double-boiler, slow cooker or saucepan)

A cheesecloth

A jar or glass bowl for storage

The Process of Infusing Butter

In a saucepan, add water and butter into the saucepan, allowing it to melt on low heat.

Add in cannabis to the mix.

Leave the mixture to simmer for approximately three hours. Check on it occasionally to ensure that it doesn’t boil over (the temperature of the ingredients should never rise above 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

Once the allotted time has elapsed, allow mixture to cool.

Using a cheesecloth (secure it to the heat-proof storage container with rubber bands or use a funnel), slowly pour the mixture and strain.

Place newly created cannabutter into a refrigerator.

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