Canna Daddy’s Wellness Center Featured Dispensary of the Month, Oregon

Canna Daddy’s
Wellness Center

Location: 16955
SE Division St., 97236, Portland, Oregon

Phone number: (971)


Interviewed: Jacob

How and when did you
start up?

Well, we really started with our current focus in February.
It was here before that, since July, but it really had a big change in
management and business direction in February. And that’s really when it
started to take off and really became more what it is right now.

Where would you like
to see the cannabis industry go?

My personal and  business level is pretty much the same. Where I’d like to see
it go is I’d like to see everybody comfortable and educated about it. I want
them to know what it does and how to handle it. Because it does help people,
and it would be nice if people could make money off of it too, so I think its
fine that it turns into a recreational type thing or retail I think is a better
representation of where I think it should go. I don’t think it should
necessarily be coined as recreational, like alcohol though. I’d like to see it
in retail setting and available to those in the forms that they need it, just
like everything else on the market. If you’re educated about it, you know if
you need it or not.

If someone wanted to
open an access point, and get their feet wet in this industry, what advice
would you council them with?

Remember who you’re there for. The medical marijuana program
was created for the patient and it was created to make safe access for the
patients so I really think that it’s important to remember that you’re there
for the patients and so you shouldn’t make it too complicated for them. You
need to remember what kinds of life issues come along with being a patient. 

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