Get a Look Inside Canada’s Secret Cannabis Sunday Brunch

cannabis sunday brunchAs Canada continues to move toward cannabis legalization, it’s no surprise that cannabis continues to influence culture in the country. One of the many defining characteristics about a culture is its unique food and drinks, and Canada’s cannabis-infused edible scene continues to diversify, with one example being “the Sunday Potluck,” a cannabis Sunday brunch.

High Timesfood writer, Amanda Scriver, reports that she was anonymously invited to a 420-friendly brunch, and she was even allowed to bring a friend. The cannabis Sunday brunch was hosted by Nate Middleton from Home of the Brave restaurants, Charlotte Langley of Scout Canning and Steve Gonzales, a chef from Baro.

The registration process to attend the event just hinted at what the brunch would entail. Upon registering, Scriver reported that she was given instructions explaining that she would only receive the venue information 24-hours before the event started.

Scriver brought her friend with her, who also happened to be a brand ambassador for a cannabis edibles producer. There were 15 guests at the cannabis Sunday brunch, all of whom were very different from each other. However, one thing remained consistent—each guest was curious to learn more about cannabis-infused edibles.

At the brunch, Chef Langley served the first dish, which was a medicated Eggs Benedict. The dish was infused using canna butter in the hollandaise sauce and the biscuit. “The sauce had a very subtle flavoring that didn’t overwhelm the palate,” Scriver wrote. “Each bite gave way to a hint of the Kush it was infused with, whereas the biscuit had a green tint but no Kush aftertaste. It was everything you’d want in a breakfast, only a bit more lifted!”

The next dish was a Sopa De Pescado with Cannabis. This was made using a very special technique by Chef Gonzalez, in which a large blunt gets exhaled into a barbecue grill. The cannabis flavor ended up being subtle, but Scriver described it as a “heavy hitter.” Not everything in the brunch was cannabis-infused, as guests enjoy non-medicated mini pepperoni pizza up next.

Every great brunch ends with a dessert, so the guests enjoyed THC-infused chocolate-chip cookies. On the side of the cookies, milk was served, which also served up some childhood nostalgia.

Cannabis-infused cuisine is all the rage right now in states and countries who continue to push forward toward legalization. Events like this will only gain in popularity as public opinion of cannabis continues to shift.

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