Canada Requires Flight Crews to Cease Cannabis Consumption 28 Days Before Flights

Now that cannabis is nationally legalized in Canada, legislators are implementing measures to keep flights free from cannabis. Certain members of flight crews are no longer allowed to consume cannabis 28 days before their flights occur.

According to CBC in Canada, Canadian Aviation Regulations now require that pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers must have a certain level of “fitness for duty,” which means avoiding cannabis consumption. Since they cannot be under the influence of any substances, Transport Cannabis is requiring a certain amount of time between cannabis consumption and active flights.

According to Transport Canada, the organization needed to review their policies once cannabis laws changed. “Our policy reflects our reputation as an industry leader in safety and our expectations that WestJetters report fit for duty and remain fit for duty at work,” a spokesperson for Transport Canada said, according to Global News.

Additionally, Canada’s military prohibits members of the armed services from consuming cannabis eight hours before reporting for duty, 24 hours before combat training and 28 days before high-altitude parachuting or serving in a military aircraft. This same consideration has now been extended to those on a civilian aircraft.

Since legalization, Canada has made a point of leading by example as a country that has embraced legal cannabis with plenty of regulations and order. The country has already spent millions on cannabis research and have always had plenty of regulations in place for cannabis stores. While some have claimed that the regulations and high cannabis prices have been ramped up in recent years, Canada is already setting major trends as far as how to regulate cannabis in a safe and honest way.


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