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Call in Sick, Summer Awaits!



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]N[/dropcap]othing epitomizes summertime in California better than a glass of ice cold strawberry lemonade while relaxing poolside on a hot day. Now you can enjoy summertime even when you’re stuck in the office. From the first bite comes a mouth-watering tang of lemon sweetened with ripe juicy strawberries that will stimulate your senses and with just a single bite you’ll be walking on sunshine.

Not only are Kushy Punch cannabis-infused gummies moist, sumptuous and satisfying but they are free of GMOs, toxic solvents and pesticides so you can safely and sensationally elevate your day.

Made with a superior blend of 95 percent pure full-spectrum THC oil, Kushy Punch Private Reserve will transport your mind and body to bliss with a taste evocative of summertime for the ultimate and unparalleled head high experience. Using a full-spectrum cannabis oil in our edible gummies ensures the consumer receives the maximum benefits of the complete cannabis plant, the way nature intended.

With an extraordinary strawberry lemonade flavor, a powerful punch, and dosing you can count on, the summer fun has already begun with Kushy Punch’s limited-run Private Reserve cannabis gummies. Grab one (or a whole box) today from your local retail dispensary for a portable taste of summer and an adventure like no other.


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