Cali Pure Premium CO2 Clear Girl Scout Cookies Available wherever: Cali Pure products are carried.

Made by Cali Pure, the Premium CO2 Clear Girl Scout Cookies cartridge tested at an impressively high 90 percent THC. Being so incredibly potent, this cartridge could be useful for anyone looking for pain relief, appetite stimulation or a good night of sleep. Reviewers noted that muscle tension melted away almost instantly, and a calm cerebral euphoria released all the stress of the day. The cerebral effects were as strong as the physical ones, so be aware of that as you enjoy the floral, pine and earthy flavors of this modern classic, concentrated for discreet, easy use. The flavor profile of Durban Poison really comes across in this cartridge, more so than most other Girl Scout Cookies products. Not surprisingly, Cali Pure has come through with yet another A+ product.

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