Calgary-based Buffalo Bud Buster Talks Cannabis

Canada is well-known as a cannabis-friendly haven, and also a great country for innovative music. Calgary, Alberta-based metalers Buffalo Bud Buster pays homage to cannabis with its name, and the band plays, in its own words, “heavy, foot-stomping, head-swinging rock.” Its specific blend of metal and good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll is a hit in the states, and with our neighbors to the north as well. We chatted with Roger Reuser, vocalist, about what the band is doing when it comes to music, touring and their feelings on legal cannabis.


How did you get started making music?

All of us were enthralled with music as kids and just kept going. It would be hard for any of us to imagine not making, playing or loving music. BBB was started by Dan [Freeze, guitar] and myself many moons ago, built on our mutual love of classic, stoner and hard rock. Starting the band was also the only way I could remove a powerful gypsy curse that was put upon me after a stud poker game that went sideways in Chattanooga.

How would you describe your sound?  

Our sound is best described as what was inside the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. A mental health professional once called it sociopathic songs for a dead society. Heavy, foot stomping, head swinging rock. An old man who walked by our old jam space said it was “racket” and told us to turn it down.

“Cannabis definitely takes us on some unique paths when creating. A lot of lyrical ideas come to me after some hoots and get developed into complete songs, and other ideas turn into evidence that is used against me in a court of law.”


Who are some of your biggest influences?

As a drummer, Jake is influenced heavily by Deep Purple and The Melvins. Dans’ guitar riffs have always been influenced by heavy bands, some with names so evil I can’t even read their logos, but it all started with Kiss. Deano [Robertson, bass] is influenced by Clutch and Lucky Lager. My lyrical influences draw from writers like Joseph Heller and The Far Side comic strip by Gary Larson. Classic country storytelling is something I like to pull out of the barn as well.


Do you have anything you want to announce as far as releases or tours?

We filmed a video for our song “2 Days Shy” that was shot by the rad dudes at Welcome To The West. It’s up on our Facebook page and on YouTube.

How do you feel about your local and national music scenes?

Our local music scene is ridiculously good right now. There are so many amazing and diverse rock, metal, doom and stoner bands in Calgary right now. That’s not blowing smoke to keep the peace either. Ask anyone who knows me; if the scene was shitty I would go on a lengthy tirade comparing it to derelict farm equipment and hazardous waste storage facilities. It’s an amazing time for bands, fans, venues and rock culture in Calgary right now. Whoever pumped the money into the Seattle grunge scene in the 90s should come and see for themselves … and bring lots cash.


Have you ever worked cannabis into your music as a theme?

We worked it right into our name!


How do you feel about legalization so far? Should anything be done better or differently?  

Well, as everyone should know by now, as soon as the politicians get involved, there will always be problems. The good news is it’s finally going to be legal, which is long overdue. I have often wondered why every time I see a story on the news they cut to file footage of people dressed like Dr. Seuss characters hammering six foot bongs and ten paper tree trunk doobs. Some of us just roll a pinner and have a couple hoots and then watch WKRP in Cincinnati reruns.


How has cannabis influenced your life or your creative process?

Cannabis definitely takes us on some unique paths when creating. A lot of lyrical ideas come to me after some hoots and get developed into complete songs, and other ideas turn into evidence that is used against me in a court of law. Jake plays all kinds of instruments and I’ve personally witnessed the amazing stuff he writes after the cloud he creates in his garage. Deano has found medical benefits from marijuana for years and has always been a spokesperson for a greener world.



Band Name: Buffalo Bud Buster

Genre: Metal, stoner rock

Location: Calgary, Canada

Most Recent Album: The Fur and the Fuzz


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