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By the Numbers – Q4



The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that one of the largest California-based cannabis distributors, Nabis, raised in seed round funding in the beginning of October: 1.25 (Source: Nabis)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Colorado-based cannabis company Dixie Brands, Inc. received in a Series C funding round that ended in early October: 25 (Source: Dixie Brands, Inc.)


The percentage of patients participating in an Israeli study who said that they saw improvement with their PTSD symptoms after consuming cannabis for six months: 96 (Source: Forbes)


The decreased percentage of Canadian-based Tilray, Inc. stock shares after PepsiCo Inc. announced that it has no plans to invest in cannabis: 16 (Source: CNBC)


The number of Alberta, Canada cannabis dispensaries that began operation on Oct. 17, the day that legalization officially became legal: 17 (Source: Global News)


The number of people who registered to become medical cannabis cardholders between January and October 2018 in Illinois: 46,000 (Source: Chicago Tribune)


The number of Massachusetts recreational cannabis dispensary licenses that have been approved so far, as of early October: 2 (Source:


The number of Michigan House of Representatives votes, out of 105, that were cast in favor of banning the consumption, possession or sale of cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages: 101 (Source: WXYZ)

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