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By The Numbers – September 2019



Bay Area

The projected amount of money, in billions of dollars, that California is expected to collect in legal cannabis sales in 2019: 3.1 (Source: The Washington Times)

The number of medical cannabis delivery companies that were approved to operate in Pleasant Hill: 2 (Source: East Bay Times)

The maximum amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Napa County projects it would collect in cannabis tax revenue per year if a new resolution is approved by voters in March 2020: 1.52 (Source: North Bay Business Journal)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that it will cost for medical cannabis delivery businesses in unincorporated Marin County to obtain an operating license before opening: 7 (Source: NBC Bay Area)


The ranked number that Colorado lies on a list of states that now allow doctors to prescribe cannabis instead of opioids: 3 (Source: The Hill)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Colorado dispensaries collected in cannabis revenue during the month of June: 152 (Source: Westword)

The amount of combined medical and recreational cannabis flower and trim, in pounds, that were purchased in Colorado in 2018: 436,155 (Source: Westword)

The grade, out of 100, that Colorado received on an Americans for Safe Access report card regarding all of the U.S. states’ medical cannabis programs: 82.8 (Source: Americans for Safe Access)

Los Angeles

The estimated number of registrants who filed paperwork to apply for Los Angeles’ social equity cannabis program between May and July: 1,800 (Source: Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation)

The amount of square footage in the recently opened STIIIZY art gallery and dispensary in the downtown Los Angeles art district: 6,500 (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

The number of votes from the California State Assembly, out of 65, that were cast in favor of Senate Bill 223, which would allow medical cannabis on school campuses: 43 (Source: California Legislative Information)

The number of cannabis dispensary license applications, out of 23, that Culver City officials have approved so far, as of late-July: 3 (Source: Culver City News)


The number of Michigan communities that have opted out of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, as of late-July: 522 (Source: The Detroit News)

The approximate amount of medical cannabis sales revenue, in millions of dollars, that was collected by the state of Michigan between April and June: 70 (Source: WZZM)

The projected amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the state of Michigan expects to collect in recreational cannabis taxes during the next fiscal year: 97.5 (Source: The Detroit News)

The number of Michigan communities that have been chosen to participate in a new social equity program: 19 (Source: LARA)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Oregon collected in cannabis tax revenue during the 2019 fiscal year: 102 (Source: Portland Business Journal)

The percentage of Oregon recreational cannabis tax revenue that is allocated toward state education: 40 (Source: The Bend Bulletin)

The number of cannabis shop licenses that the city of Everett, Washington is considering to allow: 10 (Source: King5)

The amount of money, in dollars, that Washington State retail stores collected in total annual cannabis revenue by the end of 2018: 441,974 (Source: King5)


The approximate number of cannabis-related panels that were up for a public vote to appear at next year’s SXSW event in Texas: 150 (Source:

The number of cannabis oil bottles that Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organization delivered to local hospitals in early August: 4,500 (Source: Reuters)

The estimated amount of money, in millions of dollars, that was sold in cannabis products at the Outside Lands Music and Arts  Festival in San Francisco, California in mid-August: 1 (Source: San Francisco Gate)

The estimated number of low level cannabis convictions that were sealed in New York City, New York in mid-August: 360 (Source: The Washington Times)

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