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By The Numbers – April 2018




The number of acres that were used to grow hemp plants in 19 U.S. states in 2017: 25,541 (Source:

The estimated amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the state of Nevada has collected in cannabis tax revenue during the first six months of legal sales: 30 (Source: Forbes)

The number of business licenses created solely to favor minority-owned cannabis business  owners in Maryland: 11 (Source: The Baltimore Sun)

The number of medical cannabis dispensary applications filed in Iowa: 21 (Source: Des Moines Register)

Bay Area

The estimated number of cannabis conviction cases being considered and reviewed for expungement or reduction in Sonoma County: 3,000 (Source: CBS SF Bay Area)

The number of San Francisco Board of Supervisors who voted in favor of approving legislation to waive fines for cannabis businesses with building code violations: 10 (Source: The San Francisco Examiner)

The number of Vallejo medical cannabis dispensaries that were approved to receive local permits to sell recreational cannabis: 11 (Source: Times-Herald)

The maximum amount of space, in square feet, in a defunct event center in Fremont, which has now been approved for hemp processing: 3,000 (Source: Daily Record)


The estimated percentage of electricity usage that is consumed by cannabis businesses in Denver: 4 (Source: Colorado Public Radio News)

The number of pages contained in a Pueblo County-based study observing the social impact, economic impact and water/energy impact of cannabis: 218 (Source: Colorado Public Radio News)

The projected number of students who will be granted college scholarships funded by legal cannabis in Pueblo County, Colorado: 600 (Source: The Pueblo Chieftain)

The number of points scored, out of 100, that Colorado received on its Americans for Safe Access annual report card about the effectiveness of state cannabis laws: 80.33 (Source: Westword)

Los Angeles

The number of Los Angeles City Council members who voted in favor of approving new positions for the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation14 (Source: The Washington Times)


The number of dispensaries that the Costa Mesa Planning Commission approved to receive conditional use permits: 3 (Source: Los Angeles Times)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the city of Los Angeles has collected in permit fees from cannabis dispensaries since Jan. 1: 2.35 (Source: Curbed Los Angeles)


The approximate number of people who spoke at a late-March workshop on the topic of allowing cannabis businesses in Riverside County: 20 (Source: The Press-Enterprise)


The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that a medical cannabis company has agreed to pay for a building in Leoni Township, which was once an elementary school: 900 (Source:

The percentage of Michigan voters who support recreational cannabis legalization as it’s described on a ballot question: 61 (Source: Michigan NORML)

The number of applications that have been submitted for a state cannabis license in Detroit as of March 5: 331 (Source: Detroit Free Press)

The number of medical cannabis facilities that have been approved for Leoni Township: 38 (Source:


The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that one cannabis-friendly Oregon pesticide producer was fined after failing to list its use of the ingredient Abamectin in an “all-natural” product: 30 (Source: Statesman Journal)

The number of signatures required to add recreational cannabis to the November ballot in Klamath Falls: 1,700 (Source: Herald and News)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that will be offered per year over a six-year period to help local Oregon law enforcement fight illegal cannabis sales: 1.5 (Source: KTVZ)

The number of votes presented by the Oregon Senate, out of 29, that were in favor of a bill to provide grant money to local law enforcement: 26 (Source: KTVZ)

San Diego

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that is being demanded by a cannabis church filing a claim against the city of San Diego following a raid: 1.1 (Source: Fox 5 San Diego)

The amount of money, in dollars, that the city of San Diego collected in taxes during the first month of recreational cannabis sales: 358,348 (Source: KPBS)


The total number of dispensaries and delivery services that will be allowed to operate under Chula Vista’s newest cannabis ordinance: 12 (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)


The number of Chula Vista City Council votes, out of five, that were in favor of the city’s newly approved cannabis ordinance: 4 (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)


The estimated number of spreadsheets that cannabis businesses have been sending to the LCB while waiting for the state’s new track-and-trace program to become operational: 404,000 (Source: The News Tribune)

The number of hours in a cannabis license quarantine that the LCB temporarily suspended in early March: 24 (Source: Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board)

The amount of money, in dollars, that it costs for a hemp farmer to submit an application for a cultivation license in Washington: 450 (Source: Capital Press)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that the Washington State Department of Agriculture included in the newest state budget to help fund legal hemp: 100 (Source: Capital Press)

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