By The Numbers – January 2018

Bay Area

The number of applications submitted for a permit to cultivate cannabis indoors in Oakland: 78 (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

The number of medical cannabis-related ads that appeared on San Francisco public transit vehicles and property, as of late-November: 130 (Source: The Press Democrat)

The number of medical dispensaries operating in Sacramento that can apply for permits to also sell recreational cannabis, according to new rules approved by the Sacramento City Council: 30 (Source: The Sacramento Bee)

The new distance, in feet, that cannabis dispensaries must be located away from schools and other dispensaries, according to a late-November vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors: 600 (Source: NBC Bay Area)


The estimated percentage of American hemp that is grown in Colorado annually: 40 (Source: The Fence Post)

The amount of cannabis sales revenue, in millions of dollars, that was collected through the purchase of cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates and accessories in September 2017: 136.6 (Source: Colorado Department of Revenue)

The percentage of residents in Eagle County who voted for Ballot Issue 1A, which adds a 2.5 percent tax on recreational cannabis sales: 73 (Source: Vail Daily)

The amount of Colorado grant money, in dollars,  that is being used by two Colorado universities for a study, which analyzes how cannabis consumption affects a driver’s ability: 839,500 (Source: Denver Westword)

Los Angeles

The number of recreational cannabis businesses that will be allowed to operate in Santa Ana, under the city’s newly approved regulations: 30 (Source: Voice of OC)

The amount of square footage contained in a new extraction facility set to open in Costa Mesa: 7,315 (Source: Los Angeles Times)

The projected amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services plans to spend on education regarding driving under the influence of cannabis: 239 (Source: Press-Telegram)

The number of temporary licenses that were the first batch +to be awarded to businesses for the sale and transport of recreational cannabis in California: 20 (Source: The Seattle Times)


The number of signatures that were missing from a petition that would have forced the Lansing City Council to either repeal a pending medical cannabis ordinance or send it to the ballot: 26 (Source: Lansing State Journal)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that the Berrien County Board of Commissioners approved for the county to receive from the state’s medical cannabis grant fund: 55 (Source: 16 WNDU)

The estimated number of signatures that were collected by the Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in order to get a recreational cannabis initiative onto the 2018 ballot as of mid-November: 360,000 (Source: Detroit Free Press)

The number of counties that are participating in experimental road saliva tests for cannabis, which are being conducted by Michigan State Police officers: 5 (Source: South Bend Tribune)

San Diego

The percentage of city voter signatures in Lemon Grove that was required in order to get a cannabis measure on the 2018 ballot: 15 (Source: East County Magazine)

The estimated number of people who attended a fundraiser in San Diego to elect a pro-cannabis candidate for the Board of Supervisors: 40 (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The maximum number of days that some San Diego cannabis business owners waited outside of the California Department of Developmental Services building after being randomly selected to submit their permit applications: 5 (Source: NBC San Diego)

The approximate number of petitions that have been filed by people requesting to get their cannabis-related offenses reduced in California, since November 2016: 2,660 (Source: Pacific Standard)



The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that a local cannabis research facility committed to matching in the form of a donation to the Buds Without Borders fire relief fund once the fund reaches $8,000: 8  (Source: Portland Mercury)

The number of videos in a new series hosted by the OLCC called Go Legal! which spotlights cannabis information: 7 (Source: GoLegal! Oregon)

The estimated number of attendees who attended the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference in Ashland in mid-November: 600 (Source: KOBI5)

The new maximum amount, in dollars, of a fine for illegal cannabis cultivation code violations in Jackson County, which goes into effect on January 8: 20,000 (Source: Mail Tribune)


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